The CSA Curriculum

Made For The Kids

The Cornerstone Curriculum

We decided early on that other curriculums out there didn’t fit the need of the ever changing world of child education and daycare. Children are constantly evolving, getting smarter, and no two children are alike.

We believe that children learn best through play and are inspired by child based learning. We have several different areas of play in each of our educational programs.



Outdoor play, music, and movement. CSA offers 2 hours of outdoor play from April – October and 1 hr. of outdoor play from November – March.

Social Development

Begin to form friendships, become aware of emotions, contribute to the classroom routine.

Language Development

Expand vocabulary, listen-retell stories, exposed to letters and numbers, and understand directions.


Explore various interest areas in the classroom by learning through play. Kids become curious about certain subjects, objects, and engage with peers during play. 1.5 hours of Directed choice play is given at CSA.


Explore the world through various senses, art materials, explore textures and colors, shapes


Children will learn skills of self-sufficiency, such as washing hands, toilet training, self-feeding, undressing/dressing, and putting away items.

Dedicated to childhood development

Our Educational Programs


6 Weeks - 10 Months


10 Months - 1 Year


1 Year - 1.5 Year


1.5 Year - 2 Years


2 Years - 2.5 Years


2.5 Years - 3 Years


3 Years - 4 Years


4 Years - 5 Years

School-Age & Summer

5 Years - 12 Years

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Before/After School Care Program

We transport to Bose Elementary, Harvey Elementary and Somers Elementary. We also transport for 4K to these school. 4K is either an AM session or PM session.

We transport them to school for the AM session or pick them up after the PM session. We do not pick up after the AM session mid-day unless we have more than 5 kids that sign up. Our max enrollment is 20 kids per day for Bose and Harvey. A Unified School bus picks up and drops kids off from Somers Elementary to us.

*If there is no school or early release, we offer this program all day.

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