5 Benefits Of Summer Camp

benefits of summer camp

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5 Benefits Of Summer Camp


While these words are music to your kid’s ears, it can become a stressful time for parents as they look for a place for their kids to go or for activities to keep them busy and engaged.

Our Cornerstone Academy Summer Camp is getting ready to kick off and we know a lot of parents are trying to figure out what the benefits of sending their kids to a summer camp are vs a lot of other options out there.

The truth is that summer camps have a crazy amount of benefits for childhood development and education while solving your out-of-school problem! Here are just a few!  

Keeps the structure, but with less structure

The school day is the ultimate form of structure to a child. They have very specific times for activities and they know every moment what to expect. And while this is great for a child, it doesn’t give them full freedom for open play and to use their creativity. Summer camps share some of the structure of your average school day, but also has the flexibility to let your child play on their own!

Helps them make new friends

After seeing the same kids every single day over the last 7 months, it is about time they get to meet new people and make new friends! One of the most important elements of childhood development is learning social skills – one of which is the process of meeting new people. The more you get to practice these skills early on, the easier these moments will be for your child as they get a little older!

Cornerstone Academy Summer Camp!

Gives them new experiences

Being a childcare facility in Kenosha gives us access to so many amazing activities right in our backyard. As a parent, it can be difficult to help your child see them all! For our summer camp, in particular, we offer 2-3 field trips every single week! This gives your child the opportunity to see all sorts of new things and go places that they might not have been able to make it to this summer! Parks, Zoos museums and everything else in between is on the table!

… which helps them find new interests

What is the best way to know whether you like something or not? To try it of course!

All these new things your child is going to experience over the summer might help them find the things that they absolutely love! They may discover a new love of animals or find that they really want to play soccer this year. Getting to try new things is the first step to finding a passion for themselves later in life!

They will go back to school with so many things to talk about.

Oh, the memories that they will make! How awesome is it going to be when your child heads back to school and they get to have the coolest stories about their summers! While some of their class is going to talk about all the games of Fortnite that they played, your child will get to tell stories completely unique to them!

So what do you say? Ready to sign up your child for an incredible and exciting summer? You can get more information about our summer camp and reserve your spot below! We can’t wait to see you and your child this summer!

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