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kids walking into school

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The Cornerstone Academy curriculum has been developed with the understanding that children are continuously maturing and becoming more intelligent. Every child is unique. Children learn most effectively through play and are inspired by child-centered learning. Our educational programs feature various play areas tailored to foster this approach.

Our daycare curriculum focuses on 6 different objectives that all work together to aid the holistic development of your child:


Movement is crucial for the physical health and development of young children. Engaging in regular physical activity supports physical health, cognitive development, and has social and emotional benefits. It also promotes healthy habits and encourages discipline and routine.


  • Our daycare offers 2 hours of outdoor play from April through October and 1 hour of outdoor play from November through March.

Social Development

Social development lays the foundation for your children’s future well-being and success. It enhances their ability to build relationships, communicate effectively, and manage emotions. It also supports cognitive development, academic performance, and the ability to navigate complex social environments. By fostering social skills from an early age, we help children become well-rounded, empathetic, and confident individuals.


  • Assist children in forming friendships, recognizing emotions, and participating in classroom routines.

Language Development

Language development influences a child’s overall cognitive, social, and emotional development. By providing a language-rich environment, engaging in regular conversations, reading aloud, and encouraging play, parents and caregivers can support and enhance the language development of young children.


  • Help children expand their vocabulary, have them listen to and retell stories, expose them to letters and numbers, and teach them directions.


Imagination plays a large role in cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. By nurturing imagination, parents and caregivers can help children develop essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Providing a supportive and stimulating environment encourages children to explore, create, and imagine, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth.


  • Have children play with peers during our 1-and-a-half hours per day of directed choice play.


Doing artistic activities or crafts offers numerous cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits for your kids. By fostering creativity, enhancing communication skills, and promoting cultural awareness, art helps children grow into well-rounded individuals. Encouraging artistic activities and providing opportunities for creative expression can have a lasting positive impact on a child’s life.


  • Help children explore the world through their senses, the use of art materials, and the exploration of textures, colors, and shapes.


Teaching children independence builds their confidence, enhances problem-solving skills, promotes responsibility, and prepares them for adulthood. By encouraging decision-making, assigning age-appropriate tasks, creating a supportive environment, and setting consistent routines, parents and caregivers can effectively foster independence in children.


  • Help children learn skills of self-sufficiency, such as washing hands, toilet training, self-feeding, undressing/dressing, and putting away items.

The Cornerstone Academy curriculum is designed with the understanding that children are constantly maturing and becoming more intelligent, recognizing that each child is unique. We believe in the effectiveness of play and child-centered learning, featuring various play areas to support this approach. Cornerstone Academy is a daycare that prepares children to become well-rounded and confident individuals.

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kids walking into school

Cornerstone Curriculum

The Cornerstone Academy curriculum has been developed with the understanding that children are continuously maturing and becoming more intelligent. Every