How Daycare Works: What Parents Need To Know Before Sending Their Child

How Daycare Works and what parents need to know

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Sending off your firstborn child to daycare can feel intense and learning how daycare works can seem a bit overwhelming. There are different rules, regulations, procedures, and things to remember to pack or prepare.

Although there is no “right” or “wrong” way to prepare yourself and your child for their first time away from home, we understand that this experience can be stressful for the entire family. It’s beneficial to go into the situation prepared with questions and concerns. We’ve compiled a list of our top things to learn how daycare works and to remember when preparing to send your little one to daycare.

What to Inform Your Daycare of

Special Routines

If your child is known for having to go potty at certain times of the day, wanting to have a snack before lunchtime, or needing some quiet time at any point – these are all great things to inform your daycare center of. This will help the staff better accommodate your little one to make their transition easier and ease the nerves going on in your mind as well.

Allergies/Medical Conditions

Along with sending your child with specific medications, it’s beneficial to talk with the daycare staff about your child’s medication process. If your kiddo experiences allergies, let your daycare know their specific allergies, what happens if they come in contact with these allergies, and what to do in an emergency.

Also, if your child needs special attention with other medical conditions, it’s beneficial for staff to know how to administer that medication, what it’s for, and how long your child will need it.

Emergency Contacts

Although this will most likely be something the daycare requires, it’s always important that the daycare staff has emergency contacts for your child. It’s beneficial to have as many contacts as you’re able; for both your peace of mind and for extra security.

Your Expectations

It’s always beneficial to communicate your expectations to daycare staff. Communicating expectations for how you expect your child to be treated and cared for helps to avoid confusion, miscommunication, or mistakes.

Your Child’s Interests

Letting daycare staff know what your child does/doesn’t like is very helpful. It’ll help ensure your child doesn’t get put into situations they’re uncomfortable with and helps ensure that the daycare staff doesn’t push certain things on your child.

Preparing for Their First Day

There is never a clear-cut routine for how your child’s day at daycare will go, but there are plenty of things daycare staff wants parents to know to help make their child’s transition smoother.

Make Goodbye’s Brief

When it comes time to leave your child at daycare, remember to make it brief and impactful. Lingering with your kiddo at drop-off will only elongate the process and make your departure even harder.

Re-think Their School Outfits

Kids will get dirty! Your child will be running, playing, and learning in a new environment with new things to touch, feel, and get themselves messy with.

When picking out their first day of daycare (and beyond) clothes – keep this in mind to avoid dressing your kiddo in their best outfit, only to get bummed out when they come home with it ruined.

Accidents Happen

If your kiddo comes home from daycare with bumps, bruises, or cuts – don’t be alarmed. Although we do our absolute best to avoid any injuries or accidents, children are a force of nature when it comes to playing and interacting at daycare – which will sometimes result in accidents.

If an accident does occur, be sure to talk with your daycare staff to help avoid the same accident in the future.

Parents – daycare will be a drastic change for you and your family and will take some time to get used to. Being prepared helps set expectations, answer questions, and with feeling secure. For more tips and tricks to help make your kiddo’s transition to daycare easier, check out some of our other blogs! And as always… good luck! You’ve got this!

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