How To Trick-Or-Treat Safely This Year

trick or treating safely

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How do we handle trick-or-treating this year? 

This is the question many parents around Kenosha are asking themselves as one of the favorite holidays of children everywhere approaches. You might be asking yourself if it is even worth it this year to head out with kids with the risks of COVID-19 at an all-time high in Kenosha and the rest of the state. 

We still think there is a place for trick-or-treating this year! Here are some of our tips to make sure it is a fun and safe experience for everyone!

Incorporate masks into your child’s costume

Wearing masks is now a requirement when going out and about into the world. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make those masks look like a normal part of their costume! Whether it’s a ninja, superhero, nurse, doctor, skeleton, or something else, you can find ways to easily incorporate your child’s mask into whatever character they want to play.

Not only will this help keep them and those around them safe, but it will also make them a little more likely to wear them!

One thing to keep in mind is that a costume mask does not equal a medical mask! So even if your child wants to put on one of those big rubber heads, they need a mask underneath!

Keep it to your bubble

If you are nervous about your child walking up to strangers’ doors, it might be a good idea to keep your trick-or-treating inside your bubble.

Try to incorporate all the members of your family and spend the afternoon driving from house to house. You might be surprised at all the amazing memories you will create visiting with your family members, taking pictures, or even playing little games at each location. Since you know every house you are visiting, you can rest assured that everyone will stay healthy!

Take turns running up the driveway and have the sanitizer ready

If you do decide to go house to house, just make sure that you take all the precautions necessary to stay healthy! If you and another group arrive at the same house at the same time, make sure you take turns and go to the door one at a time.

If your child has an interaction with someone, through on some hand sanitizer to kill off any of those germs. Now there is no need to go overboard, but these precautions are necessary to have the most normal experience possible during trick-or-treating.

What do you do with all that candy?

This question is a little more complex this year. Usually, we talk about how to organize candy to make sure your kids don’t go overboard, but this year, that process is a little more difficult.

The candy your kids collect has likely touched multiple hands and could be a carrier for germs. Once you come back from trick-or-treating, it might be worth it to wipe down the outsides of the candy with soap and water or disinfect with some kind of spray.

Luckily most candies will be perfectly fine to do this with as the wrappers will protect the sugary awesomeness. Does this feel like it might be a little over the top? Maybe. But in today’s world, you can’t be too safe!

Like many other things this year, trick-or-treating is going to look a little bit different. While it might be difficult to give your child the full experience of the holiday, you can certainly get close with a few extra precautions. 

Kenosha has set trick-or-treating to be on October 31st between 2PM-5PM. 

You can get more of the details here:

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