How We Are Keeping Your Kids Safe During COVID-19

How we are keeping your kids safe during COVID-19

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While the decision for us to open up our daycare is extremely exciting for both us and the families we serve, we understand that for many, there is still a lot of concern.

Most families are still trying to find the balance between work and their kids being home. While sending kids back to daycare would be incredibly helpful for many, everyone also wants to do what is best to keep everyone around them safe and healthy.

The decision of whether or not to send your kids to daycare is ultimately up to you, but here is how we are changing things to make sure our environment is as safe as possible for families and children.

Extra Cleaning

Staff is taking extra disinfecting measures, especially around meal or snack times. We pride ourselves on having a clean environment for your child each day, but we are paying extra attention at this time. This includes extra wiping down of surfaces, an emphasis on handwashing, and special attention to high-traffic areas. We feel confident that these extra cleaning measures will far exceed your expectations.

New Pick-up/Drop Off Procedures

Parents or guardians picking up their child will not be allowed inside classrooms. We ask that parents come to the door of their child’s classroom, but to try their best to not enter unless absolutely necessary. Our teachers will be there to help you and your child collect personal belongings to make the process a little easier for everyone. This is a “social distancing” precaution.

Clean Hands

Hand sanitizer is always available for all to use at our front desk and we ask that everyone entering the facility use it. It’s a small gesture, but something that could have a HUGE impact.

Strictly Enforced Sick Policy

We are also taking additional precautions with our sick policy. We ask that you keep your child home if they show ANY signs of sickness including but not limited to fevers over 100 degrees, green nasal discharge, and general sick symptoms. Ignoring this update in policy will result in a phone call home for your child to be picked up immediately.

We hope these extra precautions will make our facility even safer and show you that we have the health of you, your kids, and the rest of your families at the forefront of our minds.

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