Kenosha Summer Camp 2024

Registration is due by May 25th and our Camp begins June 17th!

Our Summer Camp Starts Soon!

Registration Timelines

Summer Camp Pre Registration

  • March 25th – April 26th (Current Customers)

Summer Camp Public Registration

  • April 29th – May 25th

Summer Camp Calendar will be sent out

  • June 10th


Our Summer Camp Program will begin on June 17th, 2024. We will be incorporating creative learning with fun fieldtrips. Each family is responsible for a Summer Camp Registration Fee per child. The Summer Camp Registration Fee applies to children age 5yr up to age 12yr. This fee will cover the cost of all fieldtrips taken and supplies needed to make this a Summer Camp success!

If your Summer Camp registration is not paid by the due date, your child will be unable to participate in Summer Camp.

A paid Registration fee guarantees your spot in our Summer Camp program. Enrollment is based on a first come first serve basis. We only allot 20 spots per day.

See our Summer Camp Registration form for more information!

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Summer Camp 2024

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Please note: Registration is not confirmed until the summer camp enrollment fee is paid.

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