Top 6 Kids Movies to Watch This Winter

Top 6 Kids Movies For Winter

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The year of 2021 may be coming to an end, but the plethora of kids’ movies sure isn’t! In the midst of experiencing a pandemic, it may not be a bad idea to have a family movie night in with your kids. Plus, who doesn’t love snuggling up on a cold winter night under a cozy blanket eating endless snacks? If you’re heading into a week or weekend night, looking for a fun and easy way to entertain everyone in the family other than outside activities in our very own Kenosha, WI. check out these 6 movies that we loved and know that your kiddos will love, too!

Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry has been around for decades! In fact, they’ve been around since 1940 as short films. It’s cool to see how this show has morphed into different stories that kids today are still able to enjoy this old-time classic. In this movie, mayhem ensues between Tom and Jerry on a big night in New York City with the possibility of destroying an event planner’s career. You’ll have to watch the movie to see how!

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Raya and the Last Dragon

Released at the beginning of 2021 as the first Disney movie of the year, Raya and the Last Dragon is a visually stunning adventure with a Southeast Asian influence. In this animated film, Raya sets out to track down the last dragon in order to save humanity. Will she do it?

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Luca is sure to be a movie that not only resonates with kids but adults alike. The director of this Pixar movie based the story around the relationship with his childhood best friend. Luca enjoys an unforgettable summer in Italy, experiencing gelato, pasta, and scooter rides, alongside his newfound best friend. Luca becomes threatened by his biggest secret: he becomes a sea monster just below the water’s surface. His secret could ruin all the fun…or will it not? Watch to see how this heartwarming story turns out!

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Paw Patrol: The Movie

Paw Patrol has been around as a show for a while, but has all of the young kiddos raving to finally have it in movie form! When chaos arises from a mayor take-over, Ryder and the other pups undertake saving the city with the help of new gear and an intelligent Daschuand.

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Jungle Cruise

Dr. Lily Houghton appoints Frank Wolff to take her down the Amazon river in order to search for a tree that has the power to change the practice of medicine forever! This Disney movie is a perfect combination for Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean lovers.

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Clifford the Big Red Dog

A classic animated tv show turned movie! Emily Elizabeth adopts a small red puppy, who one day turns out to be a 10-foot hound named Clifford. As Emily’s mom is away on a business trip, she and her fun uncle set out for an adventure in New York City and discover their battling love with a big dog in the city. Will Clifford ruin all the fun?

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As we approach the new year, we also know of some great movies to see in theatres, or at home once they become available!

Sing 2

If you haven’t already seen Sing (1), you can catch up on it at home first before you see Sing 2.
Buster Moon sure has a way of tricking people into thinking he has got it all, and he definitely doesn’t live that down in Sing 2. Watch the trailer to see what this music-filled, dancing animals film is all about.

You can now see this movie at your local movie theatre.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

This Hotel Transylvania movie will premiere on Amazon Prime Video starting on January 14, 2022! Johnny wants to feel like a closer member of the family, so he turns himself into a real monster. Check out the trailer and get the popcorn ready for this monster mash!

There will probably never be a shortage of movies for kids! There are so many other great movies for kids that we may have not listed, either way, we hope you enjoy your warm night in on these cold winter nights!

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