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Cornerstone Academy is a preschool, child care center, and daycare in Kenosha, WI serving children from six weeks to 12 years old. We provide a rich and nurturing atmosphere for your child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth, and we do all of this in a fun learning environment. Our skilled staff and admirable surroundings are the vital components of our programs.

Dedicated to childhood development

Our Educational Programs


6 Weeks - 10 Months


10 Months - 1 Year


1 Year - 1.5 Year


1.5 Year - 2 Years


2 Years - 2.5 Years


2.5 Years - 3 Years


3 Years - 4 Years


4 Years - 5 Years

School-Age & Summer

5 Years - 12 Years

School-Age and Summer Programs are also available for 5 Years - 12 Years!



Language Development



Social Development

Made for the kids

The Cornerstone curriculum

We decided early on that other curriculums in Kenosha and elsewhere didn’t fit the need of the ever-changing world of child education and daycare. We also know that no two children are alike. Children are constantly evolving, getting smarter, and growing.

Children learn best through play and are inspired by child-based learning. We incorporate several different areas of play in each of our educational programs.

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Before you get your child started in one of our programs, you will need to submit several forms regarding your child’s health, our policies, and payment options.

If you’re looking for more information about these forms or what you can expect on the first day, please go to our Enrollment Information. We also have other FAQ and State/Local Resources for more information. If you have any other questions please give us a call at (262) 552-5368.

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Voted Best Daycare in Kenosha

Year after year one of our goals is to be on the list for one of the best daycares here in Kenosha. It’s not so we get awarded for being one of the best, it’s because we want the families of the children under our care to trust and rely on us. 

We’re proud to say we’re at the top of the list here in Kenosha for positive online reviews on Google and Yelp too!

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Cornerstone Curriculum

The Cornerstone Academy curriculum has been developed with the understanding that children are continuously maturing and becoming more intelligent. Every