4 Fun Staycation Ideas For Spring Break

Fun Ideas for staycation

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What are your plans for spring break?

While many will be traveling to warm places across the country, some of us are going to be staying right here in Kenosha!

While it might not be as fun as a trip to Florida or California, you can still have a lot of fun on spring break with a few ideas for a staycation! How you might be asking? Here are some of our best fun staycation ideas for your Kenosha Staycation!

Travel the World all week

Just because you aren’t going anywhere doesn’t mean that you can’t see the world!

A fun way to start off your fun staycation ideas is by setting each day as a different place around the world and planning meals and activities around those locations.

For example, you can spend one day in Italy by having pasta-themed meals, playing authentic Italian music, and learning about their culture in different ways. The next day, hop “on a plane” and travel to Asia to experience their culture in food, games, and fun!

Every night can be a different experience. Not only is this fun, but also a great way to teach your kids about different parts of the world that they might not know about otherwise. A double win for parents looking to keep their little brains active during their time away from school.

Plan a scavenger hunt

Another great way to keep everyone entertained with an idea for a staycation is by planning a scavenger hunt.

This kind of scavenger hunt will be a little bit different because it can be expanded to be all week long!

Starting on the first day of spring break, give your kids some clue that they need to find solutions for. You can make them more difficult since they have all day to solve them. Each day then ends with a clue that will be ready for them to start with again the next day with a little prize.

What can make this a fun staycation idea is that you can plan your week and hide clues where kids might not expect them. For example, if you plan to go to the grocery store, you can hide a clue when your child isn’t looking and turn that activity into a part of the game.

This way, you then get to end their spring break with a bang of maybe going out to eat or another activity that will get then siked to start up again on Monday!

Make a Rube Goldberg machine

Ever heard of a Rube Goldberg Machine?

This fun activity is something that can keep the family busy all week. The goal? Create a machine that completes a simple task like turning on a light or pouring a glass of water, but does it in the most complicated way possible!

Here is an example if you don’t know what we mean.

What is fun about these machines is that you start with completing the task and work backward. You can keep adding more and more tasks really as far as you want. This means that you can keep brainstorming ideas all week long!

When the week is over, you can check out the amazing creation you made and set it in motion to see it work. So much fun for everyone and one of the more creative ideas for a staycation.

Discover something new in your own community

If you are looking for a few outside-of-the-house ideas for a staycation, Kenosha always has new things for you and your family to discover.

From new businesses that have opened to older staples that you just might not have made it to yet, there is always something new to find in our city!

Make it a mission to find one brand new activity each day for your kids. While you never leave town, your child will feel like they are on an adventure of a lifetime in their own community.

Looking for new things to do? We have a ton of blogs about different activities, or you can visit Travel Kenosha’s website to find some awesome ideas!

How do you plan to spend your spring break? We hope you have a ton of fun and can’t wait to see everyone back!

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