Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids In Kenosha

Kids activities in kenosha

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two kids on swingset

Embrace spring as a season of renewal by refreshing your outdoor activity plan for you and your kids! Following a frosty winter, the much-anticipated floral season has finally arrived. The warmer weather brings excitement for children discovering the season’s wonders for the first time or for those who simply love playing outside. 

With so many possible adventures on the horizon, we’ve curated a selection of outdoor activities for kids to safely enjoy as the weather warms up. And on that note, remember to apply sunscreen

7 Spring Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

Go Backyard Camping

yurt with blue sky and trees in background and bed

Going camping allows your family to connect with nature, unplug, and enjoy quality outdoor time together. As fun of a trip as it can be, it can also feel a bit daunting, especially for beginners. And with multiple children, it may seem impossible to accomplish the task. 

What if you could combine all the fun of camping with the convenience of being at home? We’re here to tell you that you can! Allow us to acquaint you with the concept of backyard camping. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is! 

Backyard camping serves as an excellent introduction to traditional camping. It provides a convenient way to take in the outdoor night scenery without the complexities of packing up for a full trip. Make s’mores or hotdogs! Grill a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Show your kids how to build a tent and make a fire! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re together. 

Play Disc Golf

frisbee golf stand on a hill

Tossing around a frisbee in the backyard can be fun for hours, but why not take this fun on the road? Playing a game of disc golf offers a refreshing twist on the classic pitch-and-catch activity. The flat disc is typically more manageable for children to throw and catch. Disc golf is simple to pick up once you get the hang of it and you don’t need much equipment to get a game started. 

Kids are ready to start playing this amazing game between the ages of five and six years old. If your child takes a liking to the sport, group lessons are often available at your local course. Enjoyment awaits you at nearby disc golf courses like The Gray Fox, The Red Fox, and The Silver Fox, all located in Kenosha.


two kids playing hopscotch

Hopscotch is a great game to get the kids up and moving. It also activates their creative brains since they’re the ones drawing and setting up the game. Tell them to have as much fun as possible and play hopscotch in whatever way their hearts desire. 

If you want to take it to the next level, raise the complexity of hopscotch by creating specific instructions for each square, and guide kids on what actions to take when they land. 

Your kids don’t particularly feel like playing hopscotch? There is no need to worry because the world of chalk is endless. Sidewalk chalk artistry is one of the most imaginative outdoor pastimes for children. It gives them a chance to unleash their creativity while also enjoying the outdoors. Whether you are playing hopscotch or simply drawing in the driveway, playing with chalk is a fun, creative, no-clean-up activity for the whole family.  

Plant A Garden

two young kids gardening with an older man in pink shirt

Planting a garden is a great way to get the kids outside while keeping them entertained. It is also an educational activity as kids can learn about the unique types of plants and different ways of taking care of them. If outdoor space is limited, consider starting a compact container garden indoors or opt for a vertical garden setup. 

This hands-on activity not only fosters a sense of accomplishment but also provides valuable lessons in gardening science. Some simple flowers to cultivate include Sunflowers, Marigolds, Pansies, and Morning Glories. For easy-to-grow vegetables that kids often enjoy, consider Snap Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, or Potatoes.

You can usually find flower, vegetable, and herb seeds at most grocery or home garden stores. However, if you prefer to support local businesses, Equinox Botanical Boutique, Anton’s Greenhouses, and Stein’s Garden Center are all excellent options where you can find these items.

Have A Picnic

family of four having a picnic with delicious food

A picnic is the perfect activity to reign in the spring. And you know you can’t lose with food. Make it a day with the family and go to a nearby area with lots of grass such as Eichelman or Simmons Island Park. The best part about a picnic is that you can personalize everything to your liking. 

If you’re not sure what to bring, check out this list of picnic treats that you can make or use as inspiration to create something different. If you want to make it a real picnic, bring a picnic basket and wagon to make it easier to carry your items. Bring all the special treats you want and enjoy the sun. 

Venture to a Park

two kids feeding ducks near a koi pond

Going to a park in the springtime is great because so many animals are out for your kids to see and learn about. Feeding ducks is one of the most popular things to do at a park if a pond is nearby. Children love feeding ducks and are fascinated by bird behavior. Point out how the ducks dip their heads in the water and point their tails up your kids. Tell them that ducks are great swimmers. The more learning the better!

There are some things to consider when you are feeding ducks:

  • Don’t feed ducks bread or junk food since they can cause malnutrition if eaten too often. 
  • Ducks benefit from consuming cracked corn, oats, rice, birdseed, frozen peas, and chopped lettuce. 
  • Do not try to pet wild ducks as they may not take kindly to such affection. 
  • Make sure to keep a safe distance between you and the ducks. 

Taking your kids to a park presents endless possibilities for fun!

Fly Kites 

flying kites

As spring draws to a close, it’s the perfect moment to embark on the adventure of kite flying! This enjoyable and thrilling activity is perfect for families to learn together, particularly if it’s your child’s first experience. It’s a fantastic way to relish the outdoors and witness the exhilaration of a soaring kite against the blue sky.

Your little ones can experience a sense of achievement as they master kite control, while parents can foster bonds by guiding them through the process. There’s a magical quality to observing the vibrant kite swaying and twirling in the breeze.

Check out the Kenosha Calendar of Events

Kenosha always offers an assortment of activities for kids, from live music to Museum Munchkins! Explore the Kenosha Calendar of Events for a comprehensive list of upcoming happenings in the area. You’re bound to discover a delightful kid-friendly activity. 

As the weather warms up, there are plenty of affordable activities to enjoy with your child. Whether you plan these outdoor adventures in advance or spontaneously fit them into your schedule, your little one will be thrilled with the array of options available!

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