Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids In Kenosha

Kids activities in kenosha

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Spring into a season of fun this year! After a cold winter, it’s finally time for the long-awaited springtime season- by us, by you, and your kiddos. Warm weather is an exciting time for children experiencing the season for the first time, or for kids who just love to play outdoors every year. We’ve put together a few outside activities for kids that they can safely participate in as the weather starts to warm up and they (hopefully) beg you to go outside.

Go for a walk or bike ride

Whether your child is an infant or can ride a bike on their own, all ages of kids can benefit from a casual nature stroll. A stroller or wagon is recommended for children who are unable to walk or ride a bike yet. Even taking backseats in a wagon can open their eyes to the sounds, smells, and animals in nature. If your kid is able to walk or ride a bike on their own, they’ll be able to explore the outdoors and get in physical activity for the day.

We’re so lucky that Kenosha boasts multiple gorgeous parks and walking paths along Lake Michigan. Eichelman Park is just one of many parks in the city that has paved paths along the lake as well as a flower garden to admire the blooming buds in. This spot is child-friendly and perfect for a family walk!

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a fun outside activity for kids no matter where the location, but add the adventure and obstacles of a park, and your kid will have the time of their life. Dream Playground at Petzke Park is quite literally all your child could dream of in a playground.

This playground specifically is a fully inclusive, accessible playground that allows children of all abilities to play together. Nothing is more fun than learning from your peers and hiding from your parents and friends in slides, or behind structures and trees.

Sidewalk chalk

Writing on the sidewalk with chalk might be one of the most creative outside activities for kids and also allows them to flex their imagination in a way they might not be able to with an indoor art activity. Chalk is fun for kids because there are no boundaries in terms of a mess, and what better than a no clean-up activity? The rain will do its job with this one!

Wash the car

If it’s warm enough to splash around and get wet, have your kiddos help you wash a car. Kids love the feeling of contributing but also having fun with a “chore.” At the same time, they’ll be able to play around with water and make a mess. What kid doesn’t enjoy being able to cool down and play in the water? I know it was one of my favorite outside activities when I was a kid!

Plant something they can eat

Planting vegetables is not only fun for kids to watch grow, but educational, too! If you don’t have the space for a large garden outside, you can plant a small container garden inside your home or purchase a vertical garden.

This activity will have your kids feeling accomplished with a successful project and learn some of the science behind gardening. Some easy vegetables to plant are Snap Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, or Potatoes (and most kids like these vegetables too!)

Vegetable and herb seeds can typically be found at any grocery store, but if you want to shop locally, Equinox Botanical Boutique, Anton’s Greenhouses, or Stein’s Garden Center are all stores that carry these products.

Play in the rain

Get your kids in their best waterproof gear and let them go splash in the rain (feel free to join them for some additional fun)! Spring brings boatloads of rain, and as long as there is no mud, this activity is generally fairly clean. Your kiddo will develop a sense of nature with the sounds, smell, and feeling of wet rain and begin to understand its importance in the springtime season.

Check out the Kenosha Calendar of Events

There are always a lot of kids’ activities in Kenosha whether that be live music or Museum Munchkins! Check out the Kenosha Calendar of Events for the full list of all of Kenosha’s happenings within the coming months. There is sure to be something you can find for a fun kid-friendly activity.

There are various, low-cost activities that you can participate in with your child once it starts to warm up outside. Plan these outside activities for kids in advance, or spontaneously fit these into your schedule the day of. Either way, your kiddo won’t be disappointed with the endless list of outdoor activities!

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