Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer safety tips for kids

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Summer is in full swing! We couldn’t be more excited that kids are able to finally enjoy the hot summer weather after the cold, snowy winter we had this past year. Kids are now spending all of their time outside…as they should! But more time outside poses more safety concerns that should be kept in check with your kiddos for a fun safe summer ahead.

1. Protect them from the sun and heat exhaustion


Apply 30 SPF every 3 hours or right after your kid gets out of the water. You can also dress your child in sun protecting clothing.


Hats will keep the sun off your child’s face and keep them cool.

Water breaks

Keep those kiddos hydrated with occasional water breaks, especially in the heat of the day.

2. Supervise your children in the necessary places

At the playground

According to, more than 200,0000 visits to the ER a year are from playground-related injuries. Make sure your kids are on equipment suitable for their age and playing safely.

By the pool

Water safety is SO important. Remind your children to never run by the pool. This is one rule that we probably can all recall learning early on in our childhood, and we never forget it!

Even if your child is comfortable in the water, it’s important to keep an eye on them at all times. Drowning can happen within seconds. Flotation devices are also highly recommended, even for the kids who are comfortable in and love water!

At the lake

Lake safety is equally if not more important than pool safety. Lakes can be ginormous, the water is generally darker and significantly deeper. Again, always keep an eye on your kid, or have them wear a life jacket or use a flotation device. It never hurts for some extra precaution (although, your little one might fight you on this one).

3. Activity safety

Riding bikes

Explaining the importance of bike safety could help avoid a bike injury. Always encourage wearing a helmet to protect their developing brains from an injury. Teach them the passing rule, which is to announce when they are passing a walker on the sidewalk. Emphasize the importance of riding on the sidewalk compared to the street, and not playing around in the street. Looking both ways before crossing could also avoid an accident that involves a car, and is another “skill” they will have to know later on in life anyway. Avoid busy areas when possible and show them how to navigate the signs in a crosswalk.

4. Hydration

Always remember to keep your kids drinking water throughout the day. They are likely spending a lot of time playing outside during the day and need to keep refueling their bodies. Water, juice, Gatorade. When you’re headed somewhere, consider carrying water with you just in case!

5. Encourage indoor play during the hottest parts of the day

Kids don’t know any better when it comes to the sun’s highest point in the day and when the sun is scorching down on them. Since they are probably spending most of their days outside, encouraging them to occasionally play indoors on hot days won’t hurt. If your kids argue with you on this, remind them they can always play outside later in the evening!

Kids learn best by the example you as a parent will lead, so remember to keep all of these things top of mind in your own life as well when teaching your kids about safety. Summer is always fun until someone gets hurt – teach your children how to take precautions now so you can avoid them for later!

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