Summer Activities for Kids

Summer activities for kids

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This summer in Kenosha is looking a little different than last year.

With many restrictions finally being lifted, there are finally plenty of things to do this summer with your kids! The sun is shining, the temperature is high, and fun is ready to be had all across Kenosha.

Hit the links!

With many indoor activities closed, you might be looking for something new to try outside. What better outdoor activity than golf?!

Now many of you have probably never golfed in your life, but that’s ok! Starting off by hitting one of our local driving ranges will allow both you and your child to learn a little bit about the game without the pressure of having to step onto a full-on course.

A great place to learn in Kenosha is George Capoun Golf Academy – A third-generation family-owned and run mom-and-pop style golf range with a miniature golf course that will make you feel very at home!

Once you’re ready to move up, there are many great Kenosha county courses including Petrifying Springs and Brighton Dale Links that are sure to be a fun challenge for everyone!

Explore the great outdoors in new ways!

Did you know that the City of Kenosha currently has 70 parks and conservation sites throughout the City on approximately 1,000 acres of land? That is a lot to explore!

A fun idea for you and your kids would be to explore them by geocaching! Geocaching is basically a nationwide treasure hunt where people hide different “treasures” across different parks. Your goal is to find these treasures, mark them as “found” and follow the instructions within them. Some treasures want you to add your piece to the treasure box, others want you to just leave it where you found it without changing it. Just know that the geocaching game is 100% honor-based and built by a community of people looking to get families like yours outside and exploring.

To get more information about geocaching, the equipment you might need, and where to start looking in the Kenosha area head over to their website:

The beaches are still here!

Even the most experienced Kenoshains forget about our incredible beaches! Planning a day at the beach to swim, build sandcastles, and soak up some sun could be exactly what your family needs! We believe in beach days so much that we even developed a blog post with our top tips for planning a day at the beach! As long as you make sure to place your towel at least 6 feet away from the next family and be conscious of other people’s space it is still a safe and fun activity for everyone!

How about Summer Camp?

Summer camp is a great way to get the kids out of the house to learn new things while teaching them independence and how to interact with their peers. (Not to mention, give mom and dad a little break, right?)

There are many summer camps in Kenosha, including ours! That’s right, we offer a summer camp right here at Cornerstone Academy!

Every day the kids are given something new to do or a new experience to be had. Whether it is something at our facility, a field trip to somewhere else in Kenosha, or beyond, they will always be having a blast and learning a little bit in the process.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get out and explore your own city a little bit more? What are your favorite activities that we didn’t talk about?

We hope you continue to have a fun and safe summer!

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