Why Daycare Is Important for Infants

Why daycare is important for young infants

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Many parents of young children struggle with the decision of when to send them to daycare. While here at Cornerstone Academy, we take children as young as 6 weeks old, many parents feel that is too soon to have someone else watch their children all day. Although at this young age it doesn’t take much to watch them, (since they aren’t on the move yet) daycare can still give them a lot of benefits that can make things easier for you as parents in the long run.

So, why should you bring your infant to daycare?

1. Get them used to other adults

The bonding that a baby has with their mother and father at the beginning of their life is irreplaceable and the bonds you develop early on can truly last a lifetime. However, as infants start to get a little older, they do need to start to learn that other adults do exist out there in the world. Socializing infants with other adults early on can help your children be less clingy and more accepting to meeting new people in the future. This is particularly helpful if you plan to continue with your child in daycare long-term. Your child will learn to trust their daycare teachers and the transitions they will face moving from room to room as they get older will become a lot easier. When they reach school age, they will already be ready to meet new teachers and overall, have a better experience.

2. Socialization with other kids

This is a benefit that most parents are aware of, but many don’t know that infants can benefit from this socialization as well. If an Infant is raised in an environment with other infants around them, they learn right away what it is like to share a space with their peers. Again, it might not seem like a big deal for a 12-week old, but it really can make quite a big difference versus a child that starts around 6-9 months.

3. It Helps Set A Routine

Getting babies and infants into routines can be a difficult thing to do. Since every child is different, they each have their own pace at getting into a routine of meals, naps, and dirty diapers. Parents at home can often struggle to get these set because of their busy schedules and changes in their days. That is where daycare comes in! When you bring your children to daycare, you are bringing them into a very structured and routine-driven environment. We can help you get your child on a routine that can then carry over into your home life. We work with parents to help set the foundation of a child’s routine which helps them with their development and of course, helps them (and you) sleep better at night!

While you might be struggling a bit about the decision to bring your infant to daycare, just know that there are many benefits. While most people don’t bring their babies to daycare until about 12-weeks on average, bringing them earlier is something that many parents choose to do based on their life circumstances. Just know that whether your child is 6 weeks or 12, there are many benefits to them coming to daycare, so there is no reason to feel bad!

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