Are You Ready For Career In Childcare As A Daycare Teacher?

Are you ready to be a daycare teacher?

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We are always looking for new and excited teachers to join our center here in Kenosha, Wisconsin! You can check out our daycare careers here.

There are a lot of people out there (and you might be one of them) that have been thinking about making a change and becoming a daycare teacher for a while, but you’re just not sure if you would be a good fit. If you are still unsure, here are some of the traits that we personally think make the best daycare teachers!

You have an eye for detail!

A detailed eye is a must-have trait for anyone looking for a career in childcare for many reasons. Most importantly being able to notice little changes in a child can be incredibly important for development. Being able to identify changes in mood, attitude, or preference may help parents and other daycare teachers better care for each child and get them exactly what they need.

For example, if you notice that a child is crabbier than normal, it might be time to challenge them more with the activities they work on or maybe they need their nap slightly adjusted. Being able to pick up these small details is a big difference-maker for childcare teachers!

You have a silly side!

The best childcare teachers have the ability to not take themselves too seriously. Finding ways to engage children in fun and silly ways makes the whole experience better for everyone.

Being willing to sing songs, play dress up, and even get a little messy yourself will allow you to experience the same things that the kids are experiencing and have them trust you on a different level. The best daycare teachers know to unleash their inner child as well throughout the day!

You are caring and your friends turn to you for advice!

The most important trait to have is “caring”. At the end of the day, kids want to be loved and given attention. As they grow and develop, they want to be around adults they know they can trust, ask questions to, and comfort them when they are upset. The perfect daycare teacher does just that and if you’re looking for a career in childcare, you should too!

You want to do something rewarding!

Being a childcare teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs that there is! Being able to watch kids grow in front of your eyes and help set the foundations for the rest of their lives is something we teachers take a huge amount of pride in. We are creating the next generation of kind, smart, and happy people.

The impact of being a childcare teacher will be felt for years and years to come. Many people are looking for a job that means something, and being a teacher is the perfect example of that type of career!

You want to learn something new!

Being a daycare teacher means learning all kinds of new things. Firstly, being willing to get new certifications and learn about childhood development can be a fun and interesting path. But secondly, the kids themselves will teach you something new about yourself each and every day!

So what do you think? Does this sound like you? Then I have good news!

We are currently hiring both part-time and full-time daycare teachers to join our team here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Whether you are looking to watch over the kiddos for a few hours a day, or want to watch them learn and grow all day every day, we have a position that is perfect for you!

Have any questions about starting your career in daycare here at Cornerstone Academy? Contact us today to ask any questions!

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