Is Your Child Bored in School?

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Do you fear your child is bored at school? You want your child to attend a school or preschool able to facilitate in their development, educate them and challenge them if necessary. If that isn’t happening at your child’s school or preschool there is a chance he or she will become bored fast.

Boredom for a child can become disruptive and should be avoided if possible. You will want to monitor the signs to identify whether your son or daughter is bored in school in order to decide how to move forward with their education and find a school or learning environment better suited for them.

Here are a few signs your child is bored at school:

(1) Bad Behavior

Parents and adults often associate bad behavior in school with “problem children” or children that struggle to learn and understand in class, however, sometimes gifted children or advanced children become disruptive too if the educational program isn’t challenging them.

Toddlers, kindergartners and younger children are unable to cope with boredom and will find different ways to challenge and entertain their minds and sometimes it becomes disruptive and is bad for them and the other students and children around them.

If your child’s teacher is reporting consistent poor behavior from your son or daughter in school, there is a chance he or she is bored and not being challenged.

(2) Incomplete Homework

Most children don’t enjoy homework but if your child is forgetting to do his or her take-home work or is doing a haphazard job in completing assignments, it could be your child is bored from the work and needs more advanced homework in order to stimulate his or her brain.

(3) Daydreaming

Does your child’s teacher mention that your child daydreams a lot during school or that he or she stares off into space for long periods of time? Daydreaming is a clear sign that the current class or curriculum is not stimulating your child’s brain or imagination and that he or she is bored in school.

(4) High IQ Score

Parent’s can have their children’s IQ tested in a variety of ways, including online. If your child’s IQ score rates higher than average for his or her age, you will want to inform your child’s teacher, school or preschool and let them know about the score and if there are different programs or learning opportunities your child could enroll in.

You and your child’s school or preschool will want the best for your child’s unique situation and together will find a more suitable environment for your son or daughter to learn in based on their high IQ.

(5) “I’m Bored.”

There is no better sign of your child’s boredom in school than if he or she continually claims to be bored during school or after coming home from school. Dejection or depression at home could be a sign that your child is bored the entire time he or she is in school and if your child is communicating this, you will want to listen and consider if it seems genuine or if your child is complaining but there is a good chance their claims of boredom are the truth.

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