In order to transition your child to a new daycare, you will need to visit potential facilities once or twice and tour the classrooms and centers with their staff. During these tours, it is a good idea to come with a list of questions to better understand the policies and child care philosophies of each daycare you tour.

If you are a new parent and have never toured a child care Kenosha center before, you might not know some of the best questions to ask during a daycare tour which is why we have created this list. These questions should provide a strong sense of what a parent can expect from a child care facility after given the answer to each of them.

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“What’s Your Philosophy on Child Care?”

Before you decide to send your newborn, infant or toddler to a daycare or preschool, you will want a general sense of the facilities beliefs and philosophies when it comes to caring for small children. This includes their feelings on discipline, naps, education and several other factors.

“What is Your Ratio of Staff to Child?”

You will want to know the average number of children that attend the daycare each day and how many staff members are there each day. If there are too many children and not enough staff, there is the concern that your child will not receive the necessary attention throughout the day.

“Are Meals Provided?”

Some daycares provide meals or snacks for the children under their care while others require parents to pack a healthy lunch. For newborns, you will want to know the daycare’s policy on storing breast milk and if they provide formula or not. You will also want a list of what to pack for your newborn in order to ensure you have all the necessary items for the child care center to care for your son or daughter each day.

“Are Parents Allowed to Visit Throughout the Day?”

Some child care centers have strict policies on allowing parents and other adults to visit their children during the day. These facilities feel it is best to create a clear separation between the parents and the children during this time so that the child is focused on their preschool or not distracted from the daycare routine. If you feel you will want to visit your child from time to time throughout the week, you will want to know the daycare’s policy on this matter.

“What is Your Policy on Illness?

Daycares often have policies concerning whether they’ll allow a child to come to their facility if ill or when the child will be allowed to return to the facility after being ill. This policy is important to know for parents during cold and flu season in Kenosha, WI when illnesses in the home are much more common.

“What Happens if We Are Late for Pickup?”

Unfortunately, from time to time, parents are unable to arrive at a daycare in time for a scheduled pickup due to traffic or other inconveniences. Some child care centers are flexible with this while others impose fines that are added to your weekly or monthly bills from their service. If you fear there is the potential for you to be late for pickup often, you will want to find a daycare that does not impose such financial penalties.

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