Tips to Transition to a New Daycare

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A child’s transition to a new daycare or preschool can be a difficult time for children and for parents too.

You want to be 100% positive your child is ready for preschool and is comfortable with their new facility. You should be comfortable too. With that in mind, there are some ways to help create an easier transition to daycare for your child and alleviate all parental concerns.

Here some tips for transitioning to a new preschool or daycare:


The first step in starting at a new child care center in Kenosha is to visit the facility once or twice beforehand during normal operating hours. This will allow you to see how the staff members interact with the children in their care and give your child a chance to interact with them too. You can also learn about the layout and express any safety concerns you might have at this time.


The next step is to schedule a practice day or trial run for your child. Drop your child off at the daycare for just 1-2 hours as you run errands or relax and see how your child handled their time at the facility while you were away. If all went well, consider scheduling another trial run for a full-day if you still aren’t ready to commit to a full-time schedule.


Let your child bring one or two toys or personal items from home to the daycare in order to ensure he or she has something that will make them feel more comfortable during the day. This can be a blanket or stuffed animal or even a favorite piece of clothing or a picture of you.


If your child is older and it is time for him or her to attend preschool, you should have a conversation about it beforehand and be 100% honest with them why its time for preschool and why you decided on a particular preschool for your child. If you are dishonest about the entire experience it could set your child up for failure later on when at the preschool or daycare.

(5) FOOD

Try to pack your child’s favorite foods for the first few meals. This will make your daughter or son happy when it comes time to eat and ensure that he or she does still eat some food. Sometimes in a new setting, a child’s nerves will take over and their fear or discomfort will prevent them from eating. You do not want your child to be hungry or not feel well from not eating their food at daycare.


The most important part is to ensure there are times during the day when your child is not at the daycare or preschool and you are 100% focused on them. This will make them feel much more comfortable when the time comes to go to the daycare again if they know they will get to spend quality time with you later in the day. This time can be at home, or perhaps during a fun activity on the weekend or even during car rides with small children. Choose a time that works best for your schedule and lifestyle to ensure it is free of distractions.

Following these steps will help to transition to a new daycare for your child so that it is smooth and stress-free for your family.

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