Fun Fall Activities For Families in Kenosha (2020)

Fun fall activities for families in Kenosha

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Fall has officially arrived! 

While this year is going to look a lot different than last, fall in Kenosha, Wisconsin is our favorite time of year! The weather is cooler, the trees turn beautiful colors, and the kids have weekends to have some fun and try new things with their families!

Being a daycare in Kenosha, we are pretty in tune with some of the awesome things to do around the city. We are always looking for new things for the kiddos to experience and help their inquiring minds.

With the COVID-19 pandemic here to stay, you might be struggling more this year to find those fun and exciting things to do. Don’t worry, we have you back!

Here are some of our favorite fun fall activities for families in Kenosha!

Apple Holler

Let’s start with an easy one! While it isn’t technically in Kenosha, we will call it close enough. If you haven’t been to Apple Holler you are missing out on a one-stop-shop for all things fall. Grab your masks and enjoy apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes, and many more activities that are waiting for you and your kids. They also have an incredible restaurant with one of the best breakfasts in the area (make sure to get yourself a reservation: 800-238-3629). Throughout the fall, the activities change giving you a new experience every single time you go!

Hiking At Petrifying Springs

Looking to get out and enjoy all the amazing fall colors? Petrifying spring park is a hidden gem right in your backyard. With miles and miles of family-friendly hiking trails, kids of every age can get outside to stretch their legs, enjoy the crisp air, and watch the leaves change colors. Better yet, lots of space makes for easy social distancing!  And parents don’t think we forgot about you! After you’re done, make sure you stop by the Biergarten which is still open all fall for a little relaxation time before heading back home.

Check out the Visit Kenosha Website

While it might not seem like it, there are actually TONS of random events going on throughout the city of Kenosha. We could list them all here, but that would be A LOT of words. Luckily, Visit Kenosha has already done all the work for us! has everything you need to find something fun and exciting this fall! From music and flea markets to BBQs and Jelly Belly Factory closing out sales, they have the pulse of exactly what is going on in Kenosha! Check it out and make sure you let us know which event you are going to! 

Most people dread the end of summer, but there is still so much fun to be had around Racine and Kenosha before we all hibernate for the winter! What are your favorite fall activities for kids? We would love to hear them!

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