Virtual Learning Tips From A Daycare

Virtual learning Tips

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Families across the country have either already started or are preparing to start their school years. While we all got a little taste of what this school year has in store before summer, there are still a lot of questions for those that will be again going with virtual learning.

Virtual learning is going to be difficult for kids of any age, but by taking the right steps and making the right adjustments, you can start your kids off on the right foot to have a very successful school year! 

Make Space For Learning

One mistake that a lot of parents make is setting their kids up with their technology to eLearn is a common place in the house. Whether that is the living room couch or the kitchen table, setting up a space to learn in these common areas of the house makes it difficult for kids to separate school from fun. 

Find a place in your house that maybe isn’t as commonly used or is farther away from all the fun things in your home like a home office or a guest bedroom. The more that you can separate your kids from the common places in your home that they spend most of their time, the easier it is going to be for them to focus. 

Struggling for space and looking for additional resources? We are offering our cornerstone eLearning lab for families that need technology or just a safe space for their kids to learn! 

Contact us to find out more information!

Digital Recess

Many school districts are finding ways to put breaks into their day, but as a parent, you may need to help your kids spend those breaks the right way. While it might be tempting for them to flip on the TV or try to play a video game, those types of activities will zap their focus and make them less productive throughout the rest of the day. Studies show that physical activity helps kids stay focused throughout the day and making sure your kids get outside during set times will help them stay focused the rest of the day.

And how about this for an idea… you can go join them! Whether it’s a quick game of basketball, a few rounds of catch in the backyard, it might do you a little good to get your blood pumping and come back more productive than ever!

We’re All In This Together

There are going to be times during this school year where things are going to get frustrating. One thing to remember is that we are all going through this together. Parents and kids all over the world are trying to figure out what is best for them and how to best navigate this difficult time. Use each other as resources and check-in with other parents to see what they have had success with. You never know what idea another parent had that might make all the difference for your child as well.

These are crazy times for all of us and we are going to be right alongside you as we figure this “new normal” out together. With these tips, we hope your child has a great start to the year and is ready to get back in the classroom soon! 

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