Indoor Winter Activities For Kids To Burn Off Energy

Indoor winter activities for kids

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It’s pretty easy for kids to get a little stir crazy during the harsh winters here in Kenosha. 

All kids want to do is go outside and burn off some of that cooped up energy, but layering them up in hats, gloves, sweaters, coats, and boots for them to go out and play in the snow is quite the process.

Not only that but can we talk about the amount of laundry and cleaning up required after all the outside fun is done? 

Long story short, I think we can all agree that going outside to play is a process.

But what’s the alternative? There are only so many art projects and activities that you can do indoors before you run out of ideas, and you don’t want them to sit their butt down in front of a TV all day.

So that leaves you with one option, try to find some activities to do indoors that will both exercise your child’s mind, and burn off some of that crazy amount of energy.

Here are some great indoor winter activities!

1. Play a Game of “Floor Is Lava”

One of everyone’s favorite games as a kid! Instead of letting your child just go around the house however they want, declare that the “floor is lava” for a while. This means your child can’t touch the ground and has to find creative ways to get from point A to point B around the house. Now, you are going to want to set some ground rules for this game so your little one isn’t trying to make a massive leap from the couch to the coffee table, but after that, your child will have to use both their brain and muscles to manage their way around. A great way to get someone tired!

*Parental supervision recommended 

2. Set up an indoor scavenger hunt

Another way to use the space in your home to your advantage is to create a scavenger hunt. Leave a series of clues around the house that link together with some kind of prize at the end. Make the clues little riddles so your little one has to think about where the next step in the process might be and figure out the giant puzzle. Extra credit if you set up challenges at each clue, like doing jumping jacks, for that little extra energy usage. If done right, your child will be actively moving around the house all day!

3. Have an indoor camping trip!

Who doesn’t love a little camping? While setting up a tent outside in subzero temperatures is probably not a good idea, pitching one in your living room or basement can be! Have your child help you prepare your “campsite” by putting up the tent, starting your fireplace, roasting marshmallows over the stove, and you can even set up stuffed animals around the house to go on a nature hike! Your camping trip is really only limited to where you and your child’s imagination can take you! 

4. Set up your own ninja warrior course.

A favorite show in many households is American Ninja Warrior. While your child might not be able to run up a warped wall or climb up Mt. Madoriama, they can complete little obstacles you set up around the house. Work together to set up your course and get out your phone timer to see how fast they can complete it. After a few laps of trying to improve their time, switch it up and try some new challenges. You will be shocked how exhausted your child will be after just a little bit of time racing against the clock! 

*Parental supervision recommended 

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have another activity that you love doing?

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