Should You Choose a Daycare Near Work or Home?

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For most parents, the location of a daycare is one of the primary factors in determining where to send your son or daughter for child care in Kenosha, WI.

Parents will often choose a daycare either near their home or near their workplace in order to drop off and pick up their child on the same route as their work commute.

But, should you choose a daycare near work or home? This is a very common concern for parents when researching the best preschool or child care center for their child.

Here are some things to consider when deciding the location of your child’s daycare:

Who Will Drop Off & Pick Up Your Child Most of the Time?

If the plan is for one parent to do the majority of the dropping off and picking up at the daycare then that parent should choose a location most convenient for them, whether that is near their work or near their home. It could be that none of the daycare near that parent’s business are a match in which case that parent will need to compromise and choose a daycare closer to home. 

How Far is Your Work from Your Home?

If it is a very long commute to and from work every morning, you might want to choose a daycare near your home instead of near your work. The reason is, if you call in sick to work or unable to go to your office for any reason, it will require your spouse to drive all the way to the daycare near your job instead of just driving to a daycare near your home. He or she can then easily pick up your child at the end of the day as well. Another reason a daycare near home is convenient is if you forget to pack something for your newborn or toddler and need to return home quick to retrieve it. This will be much easier if the daycare is by your house and not your job.

Does Your Work Require Constant Travel?

The amount of travel your job requires is important in determining if you should choose a daycare near your office or place of business. If the company you work for demands constant out-of-state and overnight travel, you will want to consider a child care center closer to your home instead of one closer to your work. The reason is similar to the issue above in that if you are out of town traveling, it will require your spouse to drive and drop off your child near your office instead of near his or hers.

Do You Want Your Child Near You During the Day?

Your comfort level and the comfort level of your child concerning how far away you are from them throughout the course of a work day depends on the needs of your child. If you have a long commute but don’t want your child to be 20-30 minutes away or even an hour or more, you will want to favor a daycare near your job.

Is There Heavy Traffic During Your Commute?

If there is heavier traffic on your commute to work, it might be best to choose a daycare near your home in order to drop off your child right away and ensure he or she doesn’t miss any part of their routine during the morning at daycare. On the other hand, if there is more traffic on your commute home from work you might want to consider a daycare closer to your job to avoid arriving late for pickup at the child care center or preschool. There are some daycares that charge a fee for pickups that occur after the designated time. This is something to consider before you choose a daycare for your son or daughter.

Location is very important and you need to decide the location of the daycare you choose that is best for you, your child and your spouse and is compatible with your family’s schedules and work day.

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