Should You Choose a Daycare Near Work or Home?

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One of the primary decisions parents face when it comes to childcare is choosing between a daycare near their workplace or one closer to home. It’s a crucial choice that can greatly impact the daily routine, convenience, and overall well-being of both parents and children. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages and considerations of both options to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Daycare Near Work

Advantages of daycare near work

Convenience & Flexibility

Opting for a daycare near your workplace can provide convenience and flexibility. You can drop off and pick up your child on the way to and from work, reducing travel time and streamlining your daily routine. It allows for greater flexibility in case of work-related emergencies or unexpected meetings.

Peace of Mind

Having your child close by can bring peace of mind, as you can quickly check in on them during breaks or lunch hours. If there are any concerns or issues, you can quickly address them and ensure your child’s well-being. This proximity may also help build a stronger bond between you and your child, knowing that you are nearby.

Networking Opportunities

Choosing a daycare near your workplace can introduce you to other parents who work in the same area. This can lead to networking opportunities, potential playdates for your child, and the chance to connect with like-minded parents facing similar milestones. 

Advantages of Daycare Near Home

Advantages of Daycare Near home

Familiar Surroundings

Opting for a daycare near your home allows your child to spend their days in a familiar environment. They may have friends or neighbors in the same area, making the transition to daycare easier. Additionally, it reduces the time spent commuting, allowing your child to have more restful mornings and evenings.

Community Engagement

A daycare near home can help your child build connections within the local community. They may attend the same daycare as their future schoolmates, helping foster friendships that can extend beyond the daycare setting. It also enables you to engage with nearby parents, potentially leading to a supportive network of families.

Ease of Backup Plans

When your child attends a daycare near home, it becomes easier to arrange backup plans in case of unforeseen situations. If you or your child is unwell, a neighbor, family member, or local babysitter may be more readily available to step in. This can reduce the stress of finding alternative childcare arrangements.

Questions to Consider When Deciding the Location of Daycare 

Location of daycare is important

Who Will Drop Off & Pick Up Your Child Most of the Time?

If the plan is for one parent to do the majority of the dropping off/picking up at the daycare then that parent should choose a location most convenient for them, whether that is near their work or near their home. It could be that none of the daycares near that parent’s business are a match in which case that parent will need to compromise and choose a daycare closer to home. 

How Far Is Your Work from Your Home?

If it is a very long commute to and from work every morning, choose a daycare near your home instead of near your work. If you call in sick to work or are unable to go to your office for any reason, it will require your spouse to drive all the way to the daycare near your job instead of just driving to a daycare near your home. 

Another reason a daycare near home is convenient is if you forget to pack something for your child and need to return home quickly to retrieve it. This will be much easier if the daycare is by your house rather than your job. If work and home are relatively at the same distance, these factors may not be as important. 

Does Your Work Require Constant Travel?

The amount of travel your job requires is important in determining if you should choose a daycare near your office or place of business. If your company demands constant out-of-state and overnight travel, you will want to consider a childcare center closer to your home instead of one closer to your work. This reason is similar to the issue above in that if you are out of town traveling, it will require your spouse to drive and drop off your child near your office instead of near his or hers.

Do You Want Your Child Near You During the Day?

Your comfort level and the comfort level of your child with how far away you are from them throughout the course of a work day depends on the needs of your child. If you have a long commute but don’t want your child to be 20-30 minutes away or even an hour or more, you will want to favor a daycare near your job.

Is There Heavy Traffic During Your Commute?

If there is heavier traffic on your commute to work, it might be best to choose a daycare near your home in order to drop off your child right away and ensure they don’t miss any part of their routine during the morning. 

On the other hand, if there is more traffic on your commute home from work you might want to consider a daycare closer to your job to avoid arriving late for pickup. There are some daycares that charge a fee for pickups that occur after the designated time. 

Don’t Just Pick Any Old Daycare

Regardless of location, prioritize the quality and reputation of the daycare. Conduct thorough research, visit potential facilities, and speak with other parents to gather insights. A nurturing and safe environment with qualified staff and a strong curriculum should be the primary focus, regardless of whether it is near your work or home.

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