Tips to Create a Morning Routine with Toddlers


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Every parent knows that one of the most stressful times in a day or week is during the morning before it’s time to leave for your child care center and work. There is a lot that needs to be done in a very short time and if your toddler isn’t cooperating during the morning there is a chance you will be late to your job.

To avoid the stress of mornings with toddlers and ensure you arrive to work on time and ready for your responsibilities, we’ve created some helpful tips to create a morning routine for toddlers that should be easier for you and for them.



The first key to a stress-free morning routine with toddlers is to accomplish some of the morning’s requirements the night before. The less you need to do in the morning, the better chance you will have enough time to complete everything and leave your home on time (or early). The night before, you can prepare lunches for yourself and for your toddler.

You will find it will be easier to pack a healthy lunch for your child during the evening as you will have more time to consider the ingredients. You can also set out clothing for the next day. If you have a baby, you can pack everything the daycare will need to care for your infant.


Another important element to a successful morning routine is to do your best to get a good night sleep and put your toddler to bed on time. A well-rested toddler will be more accommodating and respectful to your needs in the morning and he or she will be more compliant in getting themselves ready for daycare or preschool.


We recommend you try to wake up 15-30 minutes before your toddler. This extra time will let you enjoy a cup of coffee and ease into the morning routine instead of it being a rushed and hectic time each day. The caffeine and quiet will provide that extra boost you need to prepare for the day and for the morning routine ahead.


Create a routine for your toddler you will repeat every morning. You can start with getting dressed, followed by breakfast and then combing hair, brushing teeth and going to the bathroom before getting in the car. The order is up to you. Determine a routine you and your toddler will be able to repeat over and over until you no longer give it a second thought and all is done on time.


Perhaps the most important factor in a successful morning routine with toddlers is to remain calm even when your toddler isn’t cooperating. This can be difficult to do, but if you lose control of your emotions, your toddler will follow suit and it will become much harder to get back on track and easily leave for work and daycare on time.

Follow these tips and your mornings should be a little easier going forward. You don’t want to dread every morning with your toddler or the long car rides with your children to daycare and work.

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