Tips to Teach a Toddler Manners

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Parents of children at our Kenosha daycare often say they prefer a disciplined child. Have you ever visited a friend or someone and was surprised at how well-mannered their child was and wished that your child behaved the same way?

Every child is unique, and your child may not behave the same as a neighbor’s even if exposed to the same environment. Also, it will take some time before he or she understands good behavior and follows it at all times. However, it does not harm to equip them with this skill and to start as soon as possible.

Teach a Child the Basics

When you notice that your child can talk, teach them to say polite words like, “Thank you” and “Please.” They may not remember these words every time, so you have to practice patience. Whenever a toddler remembers to say these words, praise them, and this will encourage them to say them more. With time, it will be easy for them to say these words almost every time. Teach them to address people as Mr. Mrs. and so on instead of using someone’s name.

Exhibit Your Own Good Manners

As a teacher or a parent, you are a child’s role model. Therefore, if you want them to have good manners you need to have those manners yourself. Let’s say you want someone to pass you salt, you request politely. If you want someone to let you pass (even if it is your spouse), you ask nicely. When a toddler hears you do this, they will do the same.

Teach Civility During Playtime

Playtime is one of those times when a child’s emotions come out. That is why sometimes playdates are accompanied by screaming and crying and laughter because they are enjoying themselves or fighting over toys. Your child will not act like a saint and do not even expect it. However, you can teach him to share his toys with others. If there is only one toy or a particular toy that everyone wants, then they should take turns playing with it. A toddler should know that not all toys are his because sometimes he may be at school or daycare and he should refrain from taking everything for himself. This will teach your child to share.

Don’t Be Too Rigid

You want your child to have some manners, and it is understandable to expect them to follow everything you teach them. In reality, this will not be possible every time. There are specific situations that give a child added stress, and they may forget how they are supposed to behave. An example is during birthday parties when they are surrounded by many people, most of whom they may not know.

Be Consistent

A child has a short memory which means they forget things faster than adults. That is why you might teach a child something, and they cannot remember it the next minute. Although it can be frustrating, you need to continue teaching him. Be consistent and over time, he will grasp the manners.

All the best as you train a toddle to have good manners.

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