Tips to Teach Toddlers Responsibilities

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Parents dream have raising responsible toddlers and small children. The good news is that the dream can become a reality with patience. To teach toddlers responsibilities will require some time and effort from parents but if you remain consistent you and your toddler will reap rewards over time.

We recommend teaching toddlers and small children responsibilities and assigning them chores should be done as early in adolescence as possible. The earlier children learn responsibilities the sooner the concept of responsibilities will become accepted and habitual.

Toddlers are capable of several household chores. You should start by having small children pick up their toys or put away their plates or cups after eating. If you have a family pet, a toddler can help feed the pet too. There are many household responsibilities for toddlers to accomplish.

You should first have toddlers complete their chores or responsibilities at the same time you are cleaning your home or preparing meals. This way you do not need to reward the toddler with money or treats because the reward will be spending time with you during your household chores.

Here are some ideas on how to teach toddlers responsibility and have it be fun too:


Create a routine for toddlers that starts with their responsibility. Have your toddler get themselves ready for bed and brush his or her teeth and then the reward could be to let them choose their pajamas or nighttime story.


It could be fun to use a stopwatch or your smartphone and time your toddler to see how fast they complete a chore then tell them to try to beat the time the next time around. Small children love races and love a chance to beat their own scores.


If needed, you can introduce consequences in the process of teaching your toddler chores and responsibilities. Instead of a treat or a reward, tell your small child that he or she will have to go to their room or take a timeout if they do not complete their responsibilities on time.

This process will take some time as small children are often resistant to responsibilities and become accustomed to mom or dad taking car of everything for them. But if you are patient you will have the joy of parenting a responsible toddler and experience a little help around the house too!

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