Trends in Childcare Careers for 2022

Trends in Childcare Careers for 2022

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A career in childcare can be one of the most fun yet rewarding careers to grow in! While working in childcare can be challenging, you will have a huge impact on the children of the future, and play a significant role in their development as young individuals. That in itself cannot be done by everyone!

According to CareerExplorer, careers in the childcare industry are expected to grow to 7% by 2026. As we continue to see that growth, we are also seeing trends for daycare teachers that we think are here to stay in the industry.


Benefits, benefits, benefits! By the way, did we say benefits? Benefits are first and foremost what will set one daycare apart from another. That’s why at Cornerstone Academy, we ensure our benefits are competitive with others.

We value our employees and want them to not only work with us but stay with us. We offer discounted childcare, flexible schedules, paid time off, competitive wages, and continued education reimbursement for those looking to go back to school. We’re committed to the continued learning of benefits to ensure we stay competitive with other businesses, but more importantly, that our employees feel confident in their decisions to work with us.

Good Management

No matter what industry you go in, good management is yet another important element to a career. Unfortunately, childcare doesn’t have the best reputation for good management, and individuals find themselves wanting to quit because of it. While this may be the reputation for many daycares, this doesn’t come close to the reality of our management at Cornerstone Academy.

Our management focuses on a variety of things to ensure our employees stay happy. First, we’re big on teamwork on our management team. Our Director plays an active role in the center, assisting in all classrooms, and helping out wherever needed. She values the staff and takes the time to listen to their needs in order to provide what’s needed.

Another aspect is having great communication skills with everyone involved. When many other centers have directors who lack good communication skills and treat teachers like a number, our director is always ensuring everyone is on the same page. and we value all of our teachers. We’re so fortunate that more than half of our teachers have been with us for 4-10 years.

Increased Wage

Wages and salary are main contributors in deciding to accept a job offer and we recognize that! Along with benefits, we want to stay competitive. Most daycares range between $12-$16 per hour, but Indeed says that the average wage for daycare teachers in Wisconsin is $12.40 per hour. Because we want to be competitive with others, we’ve just recently increased our wages up to $16 an hour based on experience!


Daycare centers want to reward their employees for their hard work and dedication to child development, and yes, we’re one of them! When you apply for a job with us, and if it’s time to accept an offer, we’ll offer a sign-on bonus to show our appreciation of you working with us! But the bonuses don’t stop there.

We also offer referral bonuses for anyone who refers a family member or friend to work with us and is offered a position. Getting rewarded for someone you know joining our team, what more could you ask for?

Work-life Balance With A Flexible Schedule

With childcare centers, you come to work and leave work at work. Or, at least with our team at Cornerstone Academy we do! We offer flexible hours if that’s what your schedule requires. Even better, we’re only open Monday through Friday. No weekend hours, and no extra after-hours work to be done at home.

That can be hard to find these days! Teachers are expected to put in the work while they’re scheduled to work, and then move on with their day as they should. Come back the next shift, and do it again!

If you’re interested in a career in childcare, now is the time! Check out our employment opportunities and apply today!

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