What’s the Ideal Child-to-Caregiver Ratio for Daycare?

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An important question from our series on Questions to Ask During a Daycare Tour regarded the amount of staff at a child care center compared to the number of children or students in attendance. For us, the perfect question is “What is your ratio of staff to children?”

This is an important question because you want to be 100% certain your child is receiving the proper care and attention during their time at a daycare or preschool. It will be impossible for a daycare’s employees to devote the essential time to your child each day if they are overworked, stressed, or have too many pots in the kitchen. That is why childcare ratios are legally required by each state.

But, What is a Good Ratio?

In a perfect world, there would be one caregiver for one child so that child gets all the care and attention they want/need but that is rarely the case for most preschools and daycares. Therefore, we have provided the perfect child-to-caregiver ratio for each age group in order for you to have an understanding of what a good answer would be when you ask about the ratio of staff to children at the Kenosha daycare you are looking at for your child.

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Best Ratio For Daycare Staff to Children:

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Wisconsin state requirements are for infants aged newborn to 2 years old, the staff-to-child ratio is set at 1 trained adult per 4 children, accompanied by a maximum group size of 8 children. This ratio and group size are meticulously designed to provide optimal care and attention to the unique needs of the youngest age category.

As children progress to the 2 to 2.5-year-old range, the staff-to-child ratio adjusts to 1:6, with a corresponding maximum group size of 12 children. This pattern continues as children grow older, with specific ratios and group size limits for each age group. For instance, for 2.5 to 3-year-olds, the ratio becomes 1:8, with a maximum of 16 children in a group. This thoughtful progression ensures that as children develop, they receive appropriate supervision and support from trained adults.

By the time children reach 4 years old, the staff-to-child ratio becomes 1:13, and the maximum group size is set at 24 children. These ratios and group size limits extend through the subsequent age groups, such as 5 years old (1:17, maximum 34 children in a group) and 6+ years old (1:18, maximum 36 children in a group). The meticulous calibration of these ratios and group sizes reflects the childcare facility’s commitment to maintaining a nurturing environment tailored to the developmental stages of each child, fostering their growth and well-being.

Therefore, it is the recommendation of Cornerstone Academy in Kenosha, WI that the daycare you choose offers similar child-to-caregiver ratios we have provided above that have been approved by the WI DHFS.

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If the daycare you tour doesn’t staff enough caregivers to meet these recommendations, you should continue to interview and research other facilities near your home or job that would be better prepared to care for your child. It is important to always make sure childcare facilities provide the necessary amount of staff to foster growth and ensure safety and comfort for your children.

To learn about the child-to-caregiver ratio at Cornerstone Academy and our current enrollment opportunities, contact us online or call (262) 552-5368.

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