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The security and safety of your child is of the utmost importance to Cornerstone Academy and all daycares in Kenosha, WI. Every daycare should undergo several security measurements at their building in order to create an environment 100% guarded from exterior threats. But, what about interior dangers?

You will want to ensure that the daycare you choose for your toddler or infant is childproofed without visible threats or dangers for your small child. It should be evident if a daycare is childproofed or not during a tour.

There are signs of a childproofed daycare to pay attention for in order to provide peace of mind that there are no safety concerns at the child care center you choose for your toddler or infant:



For parents of newborns and infants, you will want to pay attention to the location of the cribs for naptime during the day. The cribs should be nowhere near windows and nowhere near window blinds and strings that the baby could reach and pull on our wrap around themselves.


All of the electrical outlets in a child care facility should have covers placed over them in order to prevent small children from sticking their fingers or other small objects into the outlet. This should be done at home as well as electrical outlets are very dangerous for small children everywhere.


If there is a basement or an upper level of the daycare the stairway should be blocked with either a closed door or a gate. There is an inherent danger in a stairway that is open and you do not want toddlers and infants crawling to the top of a stairway on their own without supervision from daycare staff.


Inspect the toys and the games at the daycare and see if they are all intact. Broken toys can have sharp edges on them or small pieces that fall off of them. You will want to be sure all of the toys that small children play with have large parts and that there is no chance for choking on any of the small pieces of a toy.


Look for any cleaning chemicals or other types of toxic liquids or materials on the premises. All of the cleaning supplies the daycare uses should either be locked in a cabinet or high and out of reach of small children. Cleaning supplies should not be left out in the open for any period of time for fear of child poisoning.

There are several potential dangers for small children at home and at daycare. Be sure you take the necessary precautions at home and that the daycare you choose for your child has the same precautions in place. There is no excuse for a child care center being lackadaisical about their safety and security measurements.

For questions concerning Cornerstone Academy safety and security measurements or to schedule a tour of our facility, please use our online form.

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